Love Your Selfie


Here I am, surrounded by my family. They may not look like me, but they feel like me.

I am surrounded by many others actively involved in the marriage equality movement. It’s easy to consider my disinterest in the movement, as a queer-identified person, insensitive, contradictory, or even oppressive. But, it’s not that I don’t think those who wish to get married should be able to, it’s that I do not believe that certain people should gain certain rights and privileges only through an oppressive matrimony institution. Article 16 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights makes claims to ambiguous notions of gender (i.e. man or woman), marriage (between a man and a woman), and family (a man, woman, and their children). I actively confront and defy these notions. Reuters asserts that “nearly 60 percent of people polled thought gay couples should have the same rights as heterosexuals to adopt children and 64 percent thought same-sex couples were just as likely to raise children successfully.” I actively oppose this heteronormativity that is inscribed within the marriage equality movement on the grounds of mimesis, homogeneity, and assimilation; that homosexuality, or queerness, should be “just like” heterosexuality. Queerness is different, non-normative, and fully entitled to justice and meaningful living. We must rethink the kinds of definitions and assumptions presented by a sixty-six year old document that has no idea what contemporary society looks like.


What does your family look like? How would you illustrate your kinship chart? Why did you choose or not choose to marry? Or, why was your opposition or barrier to marriage?


Watch this video:


When did you decide to come out as a heterosexual? When did you feel safe enough to tell your family you were going to marry someone of the opposite sex? What struggle did you go through in order to marry your opposite-sex partner?



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