Thoughts on Ramírez’ “Afrofuturism/Chicanafuturism”

I was very interested in learning about these new concepts that I’ve never heard of before. I was very interested throughout Ramírez’ article and agreed with a lot of the points she made. However I was slightly confused and taken aback when she talked about her changing her curriculum to address the racial makeup of her classroom.

It bothers me that she wouldn’t want to teach a course about black people to a group of non-blacks, or what she is implying as white males, the predominant demographic of science fiction, so she changed the curriculum. If anything wouldn’t she want to increase awareness or education about the subject to people who aren’t black? Or why would she assume non-black people want or need to learn about this or would be interested in it? Yes, the institutionalized racism of the University has made it less diverse, and this is bad, but that isn’t necessarily the fault of the students or their views–that is at the top, in the bureaucracy of the University. This aspect of her essay seems racist to me.


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