Royal Follow-up

I was watching CNN again and finally a news anchor found it appropriate to ask one of her interviewees, “why should we care about this?” Granted, her interviewer was British, but he made one good point among other not so great points. He stated that this is “big” world news, as I also said in my original post. These truly are international people and it’s not harmful to care about their wedding and what not. He said, and I’m summarizing, that this is interesting because amongst a bunch of bad news, bad in the sense that it is sad or depressing, such as reports about war in Libya (which they only recently termed ‘war’), other unrest situations in the Middle East, and news about natural disasters in Japan or the recent tornadoes in the United States, this is a breath of fresh air in a way. I guess that’s true.

He went on to say about how great the UK is and how he grew up with these people, etc., but none of it seemed relevant to the United States, and he failed to mention some of the things I discussed in my post. Granted, he had a time constraint.

Annnnyway, through some complex mathematical analysis, I figured out that the wedding extravaganza will begin to be televised at 1am on Friday morning (April 29), 4am Eastern time, so I will probably watch some of it just for kicks.


1 Response to “Royal Follow-up”

  1. 1 Apryl Berney 9 May 2011 at 9:58 pm

    Love that you followed up on your initial post about the royal wedding. Have you seen the flower girl that became an internet meme?

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